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 Dark Guardian Bio

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Dark Guardian

Dark Guardian

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PostSubject: Dark Guardian Bio   Sat Jun 20, 2009 3:18 pm

Nickname/Alias:Dark Guardian

Age:as long as there has been darkness in human hearts

Height: 6ft 2

Weight: 158

Eye Color: black

Hair Color: dark purple

Skin Color: not worth mentioning

IQ: 198


Head: full of thoughts
Body: strong
Arms: muscular
Hands: used to wield my weapon
Torso: muscular
Legs: strong
Feet: used to kick

Other fetures: light yet strong armour

Skills/Atrubutes: super strong from absorbed darkness. improved senses over milenia of training, super speed

Powers: Bankai, jutsu imitation, alchemic powers, darkness cannon, final end, tag team dark princess assualt, darkness Kaioken

Weapon('s): Zampaktou, kunai, daggers and fisticuffs

Personal facts: none of your business
Firends: none online
Enemys: same as the one above
Rivals: look at the last 2
Fav. Color: dark colours
Crush('s): you wouldnt like her
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Dark Guardian Bio
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