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 Character Bio: AsunaChan

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Character Bio: AsunaChan Empty
PostSubject: Character Bio: AsunaChan   Character Bio: AsunaChan I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 19, 2009 5:32 am

Name: Asuna Inigawa

Nickname/Alias: Asu-Chan/ Ritsuka

Age: 23

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 124 lbs.

Eye Color: Velvet

Hair Color: Black and Blue

Skin Color: Slightly Pale and cold yet smooth

IQ: 136

Personalty: Usually she is very nice to those she comes across, greeting them with a smile but once she feels betrayed or sees a threat she changes into a fierce and slightly angered woman. Though she trusts some people easily and can come across as naive, she can easily come up with strategy or a way out of a sticky predicament.

Head: Her hair is usually down and over her shoulders, the left side of her face covered by a long bang.
Body: She wears a long black kimono with a slit going up the right side of it up to the center of her thigh
Arms: Covered by the sleeves of her kimono
Hands: Have nothing on them except a small ring.
Torso: Covered up for the most part by her Kimono.
Legs: Are slightly visible and very smooth
Feet: Small and fast moving, a crescent shaped scar can be seen on her left ankle

Other features:

Skills/Attributes: Healing is one of her major skills, as well as being able to suffocate her opponent.

Powers: The abilities of sorcery and re-animation [Reviving]

Weapon('s): Usually when in a blood-lust she tends to use her claws as a weapon but mostly she uses her powers.

Personal facts: If kept in a good mood and in her trust, she can make a very strong and very adaptive ally.
Friends: Nightmare, Wrath, Ryphose and Biotelo
Enemies: She doesn't try to make enemies but she will if needed.
Rivals: None that she can think of.
Fav. Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Dark Purple.
Crush('s): None to say
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Character Bio: AsunaChan
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