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 KarateNeko's character.

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PostSubject: KarateNeko's character.   Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:22 am

My character:


Nickname/Alias: none. I go by Neko.



Weight: does that really matter?

Eye Color: Turquoise

Hair Color: gold

Skin Color: white

IQ: hiher than shikamaru's

Personalty: smart, tough

Head: normal
Body: hot Twisted Evil
Arms: strong
Hands: normal
Torso: normal
Legs: strong
Feet: small

Other fetures: I wear blue armour with black cats all over it. and a tail protector. (Yes, I have a tail.)

1.I can use water to attack people.
2.I can control people by taking control over the water/blood inside of them
3.I can summon cats. You will see wat they do in the next battle.

Weapon('s): water, a blue sword, cat shaped throwing stars, a poison dart gun, a blue dagger, bow and arrows (Blue and black)

Personal facts: has a tail and ears
Friends: Zuzu, sage, kystal, (will add to the list as more members come)
Enemys: None. Yet.
Rivals: None. Yet.
Fav. Color: you gussed it. Blue.
Crush('s): None. Yet.
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KarateNeko's character.
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