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 Vile's manly man of the solid earth!

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Advent Vile

Advent Vile

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PostSubject: Vile's manly man of the solid earth!   Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:57 am

Name: Adrian Telvono

Nickname/Alias: Terra

Age: 19

Height: 5'9

Weight: 165

Eye Color: Yellow

Hair Color: Light blue

Skin Color: White

IQ: average (I really don't know the number)

Personalty: Uptight. Strict. The law is his forte, therefore he upholds it as best as he can. When others have the notion to speak down on how the goverment works, his rightous figer stands tall to uphold it.

Head: His hair flows to the bottom of his neck, the front is cut so that he can see most clearly.

Body: He wears a jean jacket, one that remains unbuttoned at all times. Under that is a brown muscle shirt.

Arms: Other than being covered by the sleves of the jacket they remain bare.

Hands: Nothing is worn here

Torso: He has a belt to hold up a pair of jeans. The belt is black.

Legs: Like the arms these are simply covered by the jeans.

Feet: A pair of black combat boots are worn, in which a knife is stowed in the right one.

Other fetures: His chest bares a scar from what seems to have been a knife fight.

Skills/Atrubutes: Knowlage of Survival, Decent hunter, Great digger

Powers: Terrakensis

Weapon('s): Knife (x1)

Personal facts:
Firends: will be filled out as game progresses
Enemys: will be filled out as game progresses
Rivals: will be filled out as game progresses
Fav. Color: Brown
Crush('s): will be filled out as game progresses
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Vile's manly man of the solid earth!
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