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 Kystal unveiled :p

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Kystal unveiled :p Empty
PostSubject: Kystal unveiled :p   Kystal unveiled :p I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 14, 2009 11:05 pm

Name: Kystal Raiki *yeah, i know*

Nickname/Alias: Kys


Height: 5'5

Weight: 108

Eye Color: GOLD

Hair Color: Red/blonde

Skin Color: Pale, clear

IQ: 130

Personalty: "bouncy" but dangerous too haha!

Head: Long red hair with blonde streaks, always loose, gems netted in the sides, silver earrings
Body: small, lithe
Arms: Has a small queensryche tattoo on right wrist,*like this; https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img188/7519/picture3hev.png the silver rune in the middle* silver bangles on left wrist, gold dragon ring on right hand which glows when enemies or another dragon rider is near.
Hands: Black gloves that allow fingers through, stop at the edge of the palms
Torso: Black or dark blue shirt with a pattern of lightning work, fishnet on sleeves and across the upper chest
Legs: hot :p. Long jeans, black or dark blue, with small gems inset along the sides. Can leap up from ground to the back of a dragon using wind elements
Feet: thigh-high high-heeled boots.

Other fetures: . . . Dark makeup, long long hair Twisted Evil

Skills/Atrubutes: Swordsmanship and archery

Powers: Mind control, basic magic

Weapon('s): Bow and arrows, sword

Personal facts:
Firends: Whoever doesn't screw me over, and my dragon Heru, perhaps whoever needs help when i'm nearby
Enemys: Whoever gets in my way, I kill without mercy
Rivals: Any one with pink hair
Fav. Color: green or black
Crush('s): Ryuu!
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Kystal unveiled :p
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